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The International Experience

Australia is a very diverse country. It is a country known for its multiculturalism and also for its unique education.  Although I am not an international student I believe that moving from the country you were born in and leaving your friends and family is indeed one of the hardest things an international student can go through. Local people usually underestimate international students in many ways. International students often go through alienation, culture shock, home-sickness and many more. The feeling of having a safety net to fall back on isn’t going to there for international students and that makes the decision that they have made feel real and scary. This is all part of growing up and everyone will experience it in different ways. Independence is something we will all experience as well and for international students this is a big part of the change they will experience.

Asian countries such as China and Japan are very different to most countries around the world. These students go to various different countries to further their studies and to improve their skills so they are well and ready to enter the work force. Through the world being diverse and changing all the time, globalisation has emerged thus creating interdependence.


Most international students mainly come from asian countries such as China, Japan and Malaysia. It is evident that some of these student are not familiar with english as it is not their first language but they still choose to come to Australia with the hopes that they can learn and understand english better. Now a days education can be seen as a business making profit and not just a place where you further your education. International students can go to university to socialize, interact with local student and to develop and gain multicultural relationships. Some universities even collaborate with schools from different countries helping them with their syllabus, education scholarships and even internships.


While everyone knows that beginning a new chapter in their life is a scary process, it is more scary for international students. Without the support of their family members and friends, international students can at times feel isolated, lonely and homesick. International students also undergo financial and social problems as having an education does not come cheap. They would also experience language barriers as learning a new language is hard enough but add the slang of everyday Australian language makes it 100% more difficult to learn and pick up. It is really intimidating and nerve-wracking for international students to experience all of this although time and new friends does make it easier.


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